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With its coastline bordered by red granite cliffs that plunge into a sea of intense blue, the Gulf of Porto is well deserving of its classification by UNESCO as a "world heritage site". It is a wonderful display of nature at its finest. To the north, lies the Girolata peninsula that can only be reached by foot or by boat. This magnificent landscape developed as a result of a volcanic eruption with steep cliffs, jagged peaks, lava flows that have set and formed tube shapes and stairs from where the fish eagles dive into the turquoise waters. To the north of this area lies the Scandola nature reserve that is Europe's only land and sea reserve. Porto, a welcoming seaside resort is famous for its magnificent sunsets. Its square-shaped Genoese watchtower station has stood like a sentinel watching over the sea for the past four centuries. Overlooking the gulf is Ota, a typical Corsican village built on the side of the mountain. It forms the starting point of the Spelunca gorge trail, a veritable canyon whose grandiose aspect is enhanced further by the heady fragrance of the maquis. It is the ideal place for a family walk. Further south, you will see the "calanches" of Piana, amazing giant granite sculptures that change from orange to red according to the time of day. Here you will discover what are known as "taffoni", which are natural caves that provided shelter for the first men on the island. The village of Piana is one of France's most beautiful. Cargèse is famous for having given asylum to Greek refugees that sought refuge in Corsica in 1676. Its two churches, one Orthodox and the other Catholic, stand facing each other.

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