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If you can see vast beaches in front of you and behind, stand hills and mountains that are cool and shady: you are on the East coast. And, since you are on holiday, why not start by laying your towel down on the powdery sand of the Costa Serena or the Costa Verde? From the Morani-Plage at Aléria to Ghisonaccia, beaches stretch for miles bordered by sumptuous pine forests. A favourite with holidaymakers, the region's resorts blend in nicely with the natural surroundigs. The first visitors to this area were the Phoenicians that founded Aléria in the 6th century BC. Occupied since then by the Etruscans, the Carthaginians and the Romans, the town was finally razed to the ground by the Vandals in the 5th century. Trace its history through the archaeological site here and in the Museum of Aléria that is located in the Fort of Matra, and includes a collection of magnificent Greek ceramics. In this region of vast open spaces, you will enjoy seaside outings and swimming in the many rivers that flow through the region. Here, all the joys of the seaside, sunshine and gastronomy abound. The large farming concerns produce juicy shaddocks (type of grapefruit), clementines, kiwis, avocados and quality wines, while aquaculture activities will fill your plate with a wide variety of seafood and fish. Turning inland now, an ocean of forests awaits you. The origin of these forests dates back to 1584 when the Genoese organised the systematic planting of precious tree species, in particular chestnut trees. As the region was highly populated at that time, the orchard became a vast forest of chestnut trees giving its face and name to the area known as Castagniccia today (castagna - chestnut). A land of popular revolts (Pascal Paoli was proclaimed general-in-chief of the Corsican nation in 1755), Castagniccia will charm you with its character, its stone-roofed houses that all have their own "rataghju" (chestnut drying room) and its flamboyant autumnal colours. The region covers the three "pieves" (ancient parishes) of Alesani, Orezza and Ampugnani, all of which are an ideal place for forest walks from where emerge, like the light of a lighthouse across the sea, the sound of the peeling bells of the Baroque churches.

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