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The best way to discover Corsica and the unmatched splendour of its Mediterranean landscapes is from the sea. Its 1.047 km of coastline offers an extraordinary diversity of sites: a seemingly endless succession of typical little fishing ports, isolated creeks, lively marinas, cliffs, calanques (deep rocky inlets) and vast beaches of fine sand. The crystal-clear water is an irresistible invitation to sample the pleasures of the sea, while the visitor venturing inland will be greeted with superb scenery and a host of treasures.
Corsica is an island of winds. The westerly libecciu blows over the entire island while the mistral (north-west) tends to be confined to the west coast; the south-easterly sirocco warms the coastal areas, and the levant (east wind) sweeps over the eastern shoreline. As for the tramontane, this north wind is a particular feature of the winter months. With such a varied wind system, plus the existence of 4 navigation basins (Calvi-Bastia, Bastia-Solenzara, Solenzara-Ajaccio, Ajaccio-Calvi), you can be sure to find optimum sailing conditions.
In spring, you can already count on summer weather with temperatures of 25C. In summer itself, those in search of peace and quiet will be able to choose from a wealth of deserted creeks. The winds are moderate with pleasant warm breezes. The sea is still warm in autumn, and with the summer fever now a distant memory, you can look forward to an even warmer welcome in the seaside resorts and marinas.
Corsica is no more than 100 nautical miles from the French Riviera and 60 from Tuscany ideal for a day outing. And then, of course, there is the unrivalled thrill of discovering the island from the sea. If you are planning to sail round the island, it is best to allow about two weeks. As for stopover points, you can choose between picturesque little fishing ports and safe anchorages in unspoilt creeks facing the beaches of your dreams. And if you fancy having dinner in an authentic Corsican inn, exploring the hinterland or simply soaking up the warm atmosphere of the Mediterranean, you can always make fast in a marina for the night.
  • Ajaccio: Port de Plaisance Charles Ornano - Port de Plaisance Tino Rossi
  • Bastia: Port de Plaisance du Vieux Port - Port de Plaisance de Toga (Ville di Pietrabugno)
  • Bonifacio: Port de Plaisance
  • Calvi: Port de Plaisance Xavier Colonna
  • Cargese: Port de Plaisance
  • Macinaggio: Port de Plaisance
  • Pianottoli Caldarello: Port de Plaisance
  • Porto-Vecchio: Port de Plaisance
  • Propriano: Port de Plaisance
  • Saint-Florent: Port de Plaisance
  • Santa Maria Poggio: Port de Plaisance de Taverna
  • Solenzara: Port de Plaisance