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Going to Corsica
By Air - Airports: Ajaccio - Bastia - Calvi - Figari-sud Corse
By Sea - Ports: Ajaccio - Bastia - Bonifacio - Calvi - Porto dell'Ile Rousse - Porto Vecchio - Propriano

Getting around - By Coach - Numerous coach companies ensure regular services between towns and villages, thereby offering the possibility of getting around with ease, during any time of the year and throughout the entire island. By Railway - Trains in Corsica are considered as an original and exceptional way to discover the island, particularly its mountainous regions. They pass through splendid landscapes and offer a unique point of view, almost never following roads but crossing areas inaccessible by other means of transportation. Lines in service: Ajaccio-Bastia-Ajaccio; Ajaccio-Ile Rousse/Calvi-Ajaccio.

Hiking - Donkey riding - Horseback riding - Snowshoeing - Rafting - Canoeing-Kayaking - Mountain climbing - Canyoning - Hunting - River fishing - Cross-country skiing - Paragliding - Four-wheel driving - Tennis - Golf (Bonifacio, Borgo, Porticcio, Porto-Vecchio, Speluncato) - Flying Clubs (Ajaccio, Bastia, Calenzana, Corte, Figari, Ghisonaccia, Propriano)

Spa Treatments (Guagno, Olmeto, Pietrpola, Zigliara) - Thalassotherapy-Balneotherapy (Ajaccio, Aleria, Porticcio)

Nature in Corsica largely contributes to the wealth of regional cuisine, the secrets of which have been handed down for centuries. rustic and as fragrant as the Corsican scrub, it offers savory dishes and succulent harmonies between seafood and landproduce that can be found in a good number of restaurants and "farm inns". Regional specialties are enjoyed throughout the year and prepared mainly with farm produce. Worth Trying - Fish and crawfish - Cooked meats: figatellu (liver sausage), coppa (chine of pork), lonzu (fillet of pork), salamu (sausage), prisuttu (smoked raw ham) - A.O.C. Ewe's and goat's cheese and the brocciu - Chestnut flour - Olive oil - A.O.C. honey - Liqueurs and aperitifs - water culture produce (mussels, oysters and smoked trouts) - Tangerines - Meats (corsican lamb, veal and kid) - Biscuits - Wine Vineyards were introduced in Corsica by the Greeks 2,500 years ago. Today, the island benefits from 9 "Appellation d'origine contrle" and more than one hundred wines further deserve this classification. We no longer count medals and prizes won in major agricultural trade shows.

Combining modern trends and traditions inherited from the pastoral society in Corsica, present-day handcrafts offer a great diversity of high quality products: work with wood and metal, stone and wool, jewels and clay. Highly present both on the coast-line and in small mountain villages, island artisans offer their creations throughout the year, in their workshops and occasionally at our many rural fairs.