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The Heritage

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Heritage - Corsica's uniqueness-quite apart from the fact that it is an island that is unique to the Mediterranean - also stems from its heritage. Everywhere you go, you will see a chapel, a bridge, a tower, or something of interest to explore. From pre-history you can see the remains of watchtowers from the mysterious civilization known as the "civilization torenne" as well as hundreds of menhir statues, including the famous Filitosa statues with their enigmatic sculptured faces. This was followed by the Greek and Roman periods. A fantastic collection of artefacts is on display in the Museum of Alria. However, these ancient colonists left other, far more succulent memories of their time on Corsica, in the form of vineyard cultivation and oyster farming. IN CORSICA, EVEN THE OLD STONES HAVE A SOUL - In the Middle Ages, a large number of Roman chapels and churches with simple lines were built in the villages of Castagniccia, Nebbio and Balagne. The 17th and 18th centuries saw the emergence of churches built in the Baroque style and the richness of their interior decoration will amaze you. Corsica's turbulent history can be seen through the fortification and citadels of its towns and its Genoese watchtowers dotted along the coastline. With a rich heritage of monuments, Corsica is also a wealth of culture, craft and living traditions among which gastronomy plays a significant part. With prisuttu, delicious finely-cut ham made from semi-wild pigs that feed on acorns and chestnuts, figatelli, liver sausages and coppa base d'chine, italian charcuterie based on pork ribs. Chestnut pulenta (with a flour base) will accompany gour wild-boar stew and as regards cheese, enjoy tasting brocciu, a locally produced goat and sheep's cheese: all authentic and generous cooking. By the sea, you can enjoy crawfish, fish, and aziminu a Corsican fish-based soup. 8 AOCs (guarantee of origin) compete to produce wine that is both aromatic and full of flavour. Do not hesitate to call in to see the wine cellars. The winegrowers themselves will be delighted to let you taste their products. "A saluta" - "Cheers"!. Corsica is also an island where people know how to party. Each village, and there are more than 300, celebrates its patron saint each year. During such celebrations the profane meets the religious with fairs, music, singing, dancing and cinema festivals, and sporting events all year round. And at night, when the "paghjelles" begin - traditional songs sung by three people, it is the Corsican soul, proud and passionate that you will hear sing out.