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Often known as "the garden of Corsica" due to its fertile hills, Balagne is still known as "Saint Balagne" because of the large number of religious buildings there. A second adjective befitting of this place is "festive", as everything that goes on here is an excuse for a party or festival. Firstly, at Calvi, the vast bay and 5 km beach, the line of mountains covered with snow until May, the walls of the citadel that go out into the sea - you could not dream of a more picturesque location. Tour round the ramparts of this proud city, about which the saying "Semper Fidelis" echoes its turbulent history. From here, walk down towards the port and marina, which is one of the most popular in Corsica and not far away from this point, you can put your towel out on the beach. The Ile Rousse is the other seaside resort on this coast. It takes its name from the porphyry red rocks of the Isle of Pietra, just to the north of the town. As an ancient Roman trading post, its boom years date back to Pascal Paoli who built a port and ramparts to rival the sea trade between Genes and Calvi. Its climate is so mild that it could be called the "Mild Isle". Nothing is more pleasant than strolling through the shade of the 100-year old plane trees in the Place Paoli that is edged with date palms. Inland, a large number of terraced villages provide the ideal destination for a variety of trips in a magnificent natural setting. At the foot of Montegrosso, explore Calenza which is set against a backdrop of olive groves, and provides the starting point for the GR 20 (long-distance hiking route). To see: the three villages of Montegrosso, Lunghignano and its oil mill, Cassano and its star-shaped square, Montemaggiore and its commanding views over the gulf of Calvi. Palasca

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